Hey gang, you may have seen my tumblr post denoting the death of my blog over there. I’m still in the process of moving and fine tuning things at my new site (http://blurr1974.com/) but wanted to drop a line here to ask a question.

Do you want to keep this space up and running, or would you like to move over there? I’m building the site as sort of a “catch all” place to discuss everything from hockey to video games to music and art. Of course, also current events and the wisdom from my bubba.

I’ve planned on having a section for just random discussions, currently called “the Daily Babble”, and having all other stories and links rolled up under their respective categories. I’ve also got a planned section for game threads, which may or may not come to fruition.

I’m using a new commenting system called Livefyre, that seems a touch more stable, but it’s still relatively new. Unfortunately, you can’t embed images in it (at least not yet…) so it’s the same as using the reply function here. What is cool is, when you set up an account with Livefyre, you can link your twitter, Facebook, google and/or LinkedIn accounts, allowing you to link to people you know, just by typing the “@”.

One last thing, although I set up this space here for us, I don’t feel like I “own” it or anything. We’ve done a pretty good job of making this a fairly democratic environment. I plan on doing the same at my self hosted site. I enjoy the varying opinions of each of us on multiple matters, and I think we do a great job of cultivating an environment that fosters understanding and rational response. Unless you’re one of those crazies that puts the toilet paper as a pull under the roll, instead of over top. I hate you if that’s the case. 😛

Anyhoo, long and rambling (that’s me!) comment over and done. Check it out, let me know what you think re: keeping this site or moving, and what you think about my site. I respect your opinions, and want to make my own site into something organic and group oriented. I waited to do it, because I’ve been waiting for the Livefyre plugin to come out of beta, and it has. So, I jumped at the opportunity to grab my own digital address…